This is who we are

Dunville Apparel was founded in Mols Mountains, Denmark, by Rasmus Dunvad, an entrepeneur who for decades worked as an award winning creative director in the advertising industry.

Here he saw, from the inside out, how consumerism is created. "We all know there's a problem. A giant one", Rasmus explains. "It's a neverending story of grow up, consume, die, goodbye. The advertising business can't solve the problem, because it is the problem. So we had to start from scratch, and make our own products. We went backwards, believing that our future lies in the past: a time where quality actually mattered. Because extending a products lifespan is the most sustainable thing we can do. If the product itself furthermore is sustainably produced? In a design that has a proven trackrecord of cool, for nearly seventy years? I believe we're on the right track".

Rasmus Dunvad founder Dunville Apparel
Mols Mountains Dunville Apparel


We followed awardwinning soulman Mike Andersen on his resent sellout solo tour "One million miles". A story about consistency – and a belief that following through makes a payoff second to none. The heart never questions.

We’re here on a mission – taking fashion out of fashion. Why? Because we're keen believers in less, but better consumption. A lot less and a lot better, that is. We're here for inputs, gentle pats on the back, and even the harder, bit uncomfortable kinds. Make your voice heard on or on social media.


 It is a complicated process, to keep something simple. It takes hours, months, years. Over and over again. There is no such thing as a push-for-high-quality-button. Only skills, determination and tough decisions. So Dunville Apparel is produced by handpicked high end manufacturers. These happen to be Italian, because... of course they are. Besides ensuring a quality second to none, it means less transportation and thereby a smaller CO2 footprint.


Q: Is the lifetime longer than my usual brand? A: Oh yes. It will live on, if you wash as explained on the label.

Q: Can I freely return any clothes that did'nt fit properly? A: Of course you can. Online shopping should be exactly like you know any other store. Give that shirt a try. Don't like it? Send it back, free of charge. Easy as that.

Q: Is Dunville Apparel 100% sustainable? A: No. Nothing is. But we believe that we went further than any other brand in the world.